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Our Paleo BBQ

My niece Jess is on this (crazy) Paleo diet.  Being the supportive Auntie that I am, I have plunged into the paleo cooking adventure and am scouring the web for fun new recipes!

Here are some great Paleo recipes we served up at our bbq!

Main course:  I marinated portobello mushrooms and red peppers in balsamic vinaigrette dressing and grilled on the bbq.  Once done, we wrapped them in romaine lettuce.   SO easy!


Side dishes:

I made “guacamole salad.”  So easy and simple.  I chopped up avocados and tomatoes and added a bit of sea salt and lime juice to taste.  That’s it.


Jess makes this AWESOME cole slaw.


Here’s the recipe:


Finally, for dessert, we made paleo hostess cupcakes and pumpkin “ice cream.”  They were….well…..paleo.  They have maple syrup in them.  Alot of maple syrup.  But if you’re hankering for a sweet treat and you’re doing the paleo thing, they’re worth the effort.


Check out these links for recipes:



The meal was rounded out by Tofu pups and s’mores for the people who weren’t Paleo!