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I'm a middle school assistant principal and mom of 3 kids. I love party planning, hosting game nights, and projects that nine times out of ten involve some unexpected mess.

Our Paleo BBQ

My niece Jess is on this (crazy) Paleo diet.  Being the supportive Auntie that I am, I have plunged into the paleo cooking adventure and am scouring the web for fun new recipes!

Here are some great Paleo recipes we served up at our bbq!

Main course:  I marinated portobello mushrooms and red peppers in balsamic vinaigrette dressing and grilled on the bbq.  Once done, we wrapped them in romaine lettuce.   SO easy!


Side dishes:

I made “guacamole salad.”  So easy and simple.  I chopped up avocados and tomatoes and added a bit of sea salt and lime juice to taste.  That’s it.


Jess makes this AWESOME cole slaw.


Here’s the recipe:

Finally, for dessert, we made paleo hostess cupcakes and pumpkin “ice cream.”  They were….well…..paleo.  They have maple syrup in them.  Alot of maple syrup.  But if you’re hankering for a sweet treat and you’re doing the paleo thing, they’re worth the effort.


Check out these links for recipes:

The meal was rounded out by Tofu pups and s’mores for the people who weren’t Paleo!



How to host the perfect Superhero Party!

Who doesn’t love a good theme?  My party planning partner, Ryan, and I really did a super job on Sammy’s superhero party!  Sammy and his sister Bessie, had two parties in one day.  We had the kid party in the morning, and the adult party in the afternoon.  Thank you, Pinterest, Oriental Trading Post, and the Dollar Tree!

Here’s what we did:

1.  We got an awesome banner from Oriental Trading Post.  We hung it up on our garage and had the kids(and the adults) pose in front of it for pictures.


2.  For party fun, we had the guests make masks as they arrived.  That craft didn’t go over that well as the kids would rather run around.  So we moved on to the rest of the activities.  The premise of the party was that the kids were at superhero training school.  In order to earn their diploma, they had to complete different tasks.  The first task was the obstacle course.  The obstacle course consisted of several fun activities:

Jump through hula hoops.  


Run through the cones. 


Throw bean bags into the holes.


Crawl through “tent city.”(finally, a good way to use all of the tents we’ve collected through the years)Image

After the obstacle course, we got an alert that Lex Luthor got his hands on kryptonite and hid it all over the yard.  I did a magic spell that made the kids temporarily immune to the effects of it and they had to run around and find it all.   We had about 40 kryptonite rocks.ImageImage

After that, we took a break to eat.  It was morning time, so instead of cake, I made banana chocolate chip muffins, and had a yogurt parfait bar.  It was a HUGE hit!  For the cupcake tower, I hot glued three dollar tree star plates together.  For the yogurt bar, we had a choice of three kinds of yogurts, served in waffle bowls, with toppings such as:  strawberries, blueberries, granola, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, whipped cream.  The kids had seconds and thirds.  It was a really fun treat!





After they ate, we played superhero bingo(found for free by doing a quick google search).  I played the game until everyone won(the kids were six and three, so I didn’t want any tears).  They all got these silly cups for prizes.  (Oriental Trading Post)Image

After the food, we had a superhero graduation ceremony where I presented them with their diplomas and their capes(which I made…no sewing involved.  I traced one of Sammy’s capes as a template and cut it out of flannel I got on sale at Joann’s Fabrics.  I then traced the stars from the dollar store platters and cut those out of flannel as well.  I glued them with permanent fabric glue onto the capes.  I then used velcro to hold them together.  All in all, the capes took a few hours of labor, and I’m not a crafty person, and if you are, it will probably take you less time).


Here are some other decorations.  Super dad made the superhero wooden pegs.  They were $5 each on Etsy ,but making them ourselves cost a lot less!  



Finally, for the kid party, we asked that the guests not bring presents, but instead bring a donation off the MSPCA wish list that we would bring to the shelter after the party.  We have so much “stuff” and I really want my kids to learn the importance of helping others.  Rescuing animals is a cause near to our hearts!



My partner planner and I:


Some other silly shots(our friends and family are really good sports!)Image: